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Protecting yourself from Cyber Monday Phishing Scams

Cyber Monday is filled with online deals on products and electronics.  But did you know, Cyber Monday poses the biggest security threat to your data through phishing scams? Opportunistic hackers regularly use heavy online days, like Cyber Monday, to launch phishing scams. Here Are 5 Steps To Protect Yourself:Don’t Click That Link Refrain from clicking any links or...

Your Wifi Security Is Our Top Priority

As you arrive home tonight and turn on the news, you may be greeted with the unpleasant news that ‘Wireless Internet Isn’t Safe, It’s Been Hacked!’ Please be assured that we are monitoring the situation, and patching all related systems that we manage to insure that you are protected. This security breech is different from the normal methods that culprits and criminals...

Ungeek The Speak – IT Podcast

Ungeek the Speak - What Is Business Continuity?Listen to our weekly podcast, Ungeek the Speak, where we attempt to unravel the tech lingo and help you understand how it affects you and your business. This week we discuss the ins and outs of business continuity and what it can mean to the success (or failure) of your company.

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