Partner Testimonials

Hear from our partners how we’re helping them take control of their IT management.

Lynden Public School District 

Lynden Public School District is a 3,800 student district in Northern Washington State. They had internal IT technicians but lacked the expertise, vision, or budget planning to allocate resources predictably. With support from ITonDemand, they are now a thriving district and scaling to take on more students.

United Way of Marion County

ITonDemand CORE provides the necessary services to keep The United Way of Marion County operating at maximum efficiency. Without needing to maintain any internal IT staffing, they can focus on serving their community and trust that their office is secure and connected.

N Street Village

N Street Village is an empowering non-profit organization. For over 40 years, they have been providing help to the homeless and low-income women in Washington D.C. in the form of housing, food, health, and career services. ITonDemand has helped them grow by over 325% across six years.

Ocala and Marion County CEP

As the CEP began to expand their work throughout the community, aligning themselves with a trusted local “partner” was imperative to assist with their technology needs. By relying on ITonDemand, they could start to utilize new technologies to stay connected with their community of businesses.

Andgar Corporation

Andgar is a manufacturing firm providing high-quality services to their clients. ITonDemand has helped with onsite IT management, cybersecurity, and helpdesk support. With their IT challenges taken care of, they were able to put the focus back on what mattered: running their business.

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