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Managed IT services, technical support, and expertise.

Managed IT Services: Non-Profits

Non-profits have a commitment to serving their communities. Managing your network, websites, security, and other IT infrastructures become a laborsome and costly necessity for many non-profit organizations. You’re an expert in serving your product, not IT. So why waste your time and money? Outsourcing your IT is how you can be more productive and cut costs.

ITonDemand takes the burden of IT off your non-profit. Letting you focus on your sponsor, community, and donor goals. 

Ready to see how managed IT can help your organization?

 Some challenges you may face:

ITonDemand is dedicated to being your managed IT services partner. Our goal is to help non-profits continue their missions and worry less about technology. We understand the problems that many nonprofits face:

  • Aligning a project to strategic objectives, not tactical needs.
  • Failure to invest in discovery and planning.
  • Planning for operating costs and scaling of technology with organizational growth.
  • Championing technology from the top.

About Our IT Company & Work with Non-Profit Partners

The ITonDemand team is more of your partner, less of a vendor. We ensure our partners’ needs are met with expertise and professionalism. Our team is certified in networking, firewalls, Microsoft 365, remote backup, computer support, hardware repair, and software installations. Here’s what our nonprofit IT services bring to the table:

  • Fully managed IT solutions
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • 24/7 onsite technical support
  • Reducing your IT and labor costs

As one of the most successful nation-wide IT Managed Services providers and a top 200 IT Security Firm we can help guide your IT needs with our non-profit IT services. Our partnerships with MicrosoftVEEAMSonic WallCisco3CX, and more have poised us to be your non-profit IT services provider.

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Managed IT Solutions for Non-Profits

Looking to focus on your business and less on back-end technology? ITonDemand provides comprehensive managed nonprofit IT services. We take ownership of the on-going management, maintenance, and planning of your IT systems.

Help Desk Support

Our Help Desk Team is always available to assist your staff as needed. An MSP should understand your industry and user needs to best help to resolve issues and a timely and efficient manner.   

Disaster Recovery Services

Ensuring your organization’s data is safe, secure, and recoverable in a timely manner is ideal to minimize organizational risk. ITonDemand leverages best practice strategies to backup company data wherever company data is stored.

Technology Leadership

While you run your business and focus on your core objectives, you need someone focused on your long-term goals as it comes to technology. ITonDemand aligns your objectives and provides IT leadership to your organization.

Proactive IT Service Management

Around the clock monitoring and alerting of system, assets are in place to ensure major risks are mitigated so systems can run as intended. Maintaining systems to their optimal settings and ensuring they are up to date is part of this process.


Security Management

ITonDemand provides endpoint antivirus protection, email SPAM protection, disaster recovery services, and best practice implementation strategies focused on security.  

Technology Purchasing

Receiving the right purchasing advice is a great added value but even better when you can receive competitive pricing for your technology purchases

Testimonials: IT Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

Our expertise with nonprofit IT services has led us to work with many nonprofits, organizations, and associations. Originally, N Street Village only had one location and a staff of around 40 people. Today, they have expanded to five locations and a staff of over 130! That’s 3.25x growth in six years. Read how ITonDemand made it happen.