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Improve the safety of your customers and organization with fully compliant IT.

Helping Your Business Meet IT Compliance Requirements

If you want to be a competitor in your industry, meeting compliance requirements is a must-have. Whether you’re in manufacturing or healthcare, staying compliant with regulations is essential. ITonDemand helps you take a proactive approach to your technology. We assess your industry’s compliance requirements and make sure your IT assets correlate.

We help you define an IT strategy so you stay compliant. You want to make sure your business can scale. Our approach guides you to lower IT costs while meeting compliance standards, so you can thrive in your market.

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What is IT Compliance?

Compliance is a regulatory framework instilled by a 3rd party. Usually a government institution. IT compliance incentivizes companies to take security measures to protect their customers’ data.

The increase of data with technology also leads to an increase in system failures. Businesses that don’t meet certain policy requirements leave their business and organization at risk. Putting your customers at risk decreases public confidence and can harm your business. Don’t let this be the case for your organization. 

  • We help you take control of your risk management, security, and assessments.
  • Make sure your disaster recovery and cybersecurity meet industry standards.
  • Ensuring compliance policies correlate with your current data governance strategy.
  • Helping you sleep better at night with our professional IT compliance.

ITonDemand is staged to help organizations through industry compliance requirements as it relates to technology. We have guided partners through NIST, ISO, HIPAA. PCO-DSS. SOX, and the up-coming CMMC requirements.

We manage Compliance Services under our Consulting Services.


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IT Compliance+ Standards

ITonDemand supports the information security components to a variety of compliance standards. Complete compliance involve security, management solutions, and regulatory requirements for your industry standards.


NIST standards are based on cybersecurity best practices and are designed as a framework for federal agencies and subsequent vendors requiring security measures. 


The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is a cybersecurity compliance certification intended to protect the supply chain of the Department of Defense and it’s vendors. 


SOC-2 is an auditing procedure that ensures your clients that you securely manage their data to protect the interests of their organization and the privacy of their clients.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA is the standard for protecting personal health information or PHI. 


Secure payment systems ensure your customers that you can be trusted with their payment information. PCI Compliance puts measures in place to prevent a data breach or loss of consumer financial information.

Seal that shows HIPAA IT compliance

What is our approach to IT compliance?

Compliance Audit

Our team conducts a series of interviews and a network audit to determine data access and usage.

Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis identifies the missing pieces necessary to achieve compliance.

Remediation Plan

A remediation plan is put forth and executed with action steps towards compliance based on priority level.


ITonDemand then monitors system usage and provides the service and support to maintain compliance.

Our IT Compliance Solutions in Action

A small north Florida manufactures CNC close tolerance machined parts, custom components, and assemblies for the defense sector. Given the sensitive nature of the parts being manufactured, it was vital that communications and manufacturing specifications were secure while organizational infrastructure was put in place and maintained to NIST Compliance.

Read how ITonDemand made it happen.

Get IT Compliance Near You

We work with our partners in states nationwide. We make sure each of our partners are compliant and secure in their IT systems. Not meeting IT compliance standards not just puts your company and customers at risk. Let’s make sure that’s not the case.