Core Solution

Technical support and expertise to be effective.

See the Growth You’ve Dreamed Of

Core is our 6-stage approach to providing your businesses the reliability, connectivity, and security you need to be successful.

We do that through Asset Management, Security Essentials, Proactive Maintenance, Disaster Recovery, Partner Development, and OnDemand Support.

Thinking Beyond Break/Fix

“I’m not taking time out of my day to solve other people’s technology issues.”

Your time is better spent on work than on navigating IT issues. Core is designed for those seeking proactive solutions to their technical challenges.

The Return on Investment of Core

Example – 20 Employee Company, 2.5 Million Revenue

Annual Loss from Staff Managing Vendors $2,100.00
Annual Loss from Staff Performing IT functions $3,000.00
Annual Loss of productivity from Downtime* $5,769.23
Annual Loss of Revenue from Downtime* $14,423.08
Annual IT Costs $30,000.00
Total Annual IT Support Costs $55,292.31
Total Savings switching to ITonDemand Core $25,292.31

Want more information on an IT solution?

Founded in 1999, ITonDemand helps businesses and associations across the US achieve growth by guiding and supporting IT infrastructure and providing cybersecurity management. ITonDemand’s Core Solution and Security+ have been recognized among both Managed Services and Cybersecurity Providers as a member of the MSP Pioneer 250 and the Top 200 MSSPs.

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