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What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services provide a complete solution for business technology needs. They’re conducted by expert third-party organizations called Managed Service Providers (MSPs). These services cover a wide range of functions, from day-to-day IT operations to long-term strategic planning. Key areas include managing networks, ensuring security, backing up data, and providing round-the-clock monitoring. At ITonDemand, we provide three service packages, giving you the flexibility you need at an affordable price.

Our IT Service Packages


Our baseline Manage service package features all of the core essentials that your business needs. That includes help desk support, system monitoring, antivirus, disaster recovery, quartely business reviews, and more. We’re committed to offering quality IT services, and our guaranteed response times will ensure you get IT support when you need it.


With our Protect service package, you’ll get everything from our core Manage package, along along with additional security support. Extra features include MFA, simulated phishing, advanced edge protection, SOC/SIEM, and more. For any business needing additional IT security services, our Protect package can provide extra peace of mind.


Our Compliance service package combines all of our Manage and Protect features, and adds industry-level compliance services. That includes advanced information protection, GRC, NIST-800, SOC-2, CMMC, PCI, and HIPAA. With our support, we’ll give you the framework you need to stay productive, secure, and compliant.

Cost Savings With ITonDemand’s Managed IT Services

Annual Loss from Staff Managing Vendors $2,100.00
Annual Loss from Staff Performing IT functions $3,000.00
Annual Loss of productivity from Downtime* $5,769.23
Annual Loss of Revenue from Downtime* $14,423.08
Annual IT Costs $30,000.00
Total Annual IT Support Costs $55,292.31
Total Savings switching to ITonDemand Core $25,292.31
*Case Study: 20 Employee Company. 2.5 Million Annual Revenue. Downtime cost calculated based on service outages.

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Managed IT Services for Your Business

“I’m not taking time out of my day to solve other people’s computer technology issues. That means I can focus on what I do. Same with the rest of our team.”

Your time is better spent on work than on navigating IT issues. ITonDemand’s service packages are designed for those seeking reliable IT support and proactive solutions to their technology challenges.

ITonDemand Managed IT Services FAQ

Why Choose ITonDemand as your Managed IT Partner?

At ITonDemand we understand the bigger picture of technology. Sure, we are tech-savvy, but we also believe in having a courteous and helpful culture. We take the time and care to know our Partner’s needs and ensure we deliver top-level support and solutions that fit the organization.

What type of Managed IT support will ITonDemand provide?
ITonDemand provides OnDemand Help Desk Support for CORE Partners. This includes 24/7 Monitoring and Response for major system emergencies, and end-user system support Monday through Friday, 7am to 7pm.
What if we already have internal technical support staff?
We work well with many Partners that have internal IT staff. We take pride in finding our fit into an organization and determine where we can bring the most value to internal IT Team Partners.
What makes ITonDemand preferable to other MSPs?
ITonDemand is a TRUE Technology Partner that can not only provide standard MSP services, like proactive maintenance and help desk support, but we also help with all technology purchasing decisions, we become our Partners trusted advisors for all things technology ensuring organizational goals and objectives are met, all while maintaining a focus on high ROI Solutions.

Our Locations for Managed IT Services

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