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5 Reasons to Centralize Your Tech Stack

After working with several businesses, we always notice a trend: a lack of centralized tools.  Most businesses have applications like Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, etc.— all these tools are great on their own, but you end up having to track tons of licenses. This makes your tools way harder than they need to be (and more expensive).  So, here’s 5 benefits of centralizing...

What To Do About Windows 7 End-of-Life

Windows 7 End-of-lifeIn case you are unaware — Windows 7 is coming to an end. Microsoft has planned for this for a long time. However, most users have not it seems. According to web analytics vendor, Net Applications, Windows 7 actually saw its user share increase to 38.4% of all personal computers worldwide at the end of February. You may think that Microsoft forcing an...

Introducing TipsonDemand

Understanding technology doesn’t have to be difficult. At ITonDemand, we are all about making your technology work for you. To help with that, we have started TipsonDemand.What is TipsonDemand? TipsonDemand is our series of 30-second videos that we release on social media that focus on easy, actionable, pieces of tech advice. Each week, we present an idea, new...

Hardware: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade

Knowing what and when to upgrade your computer is always a nagging question for any business owner. Slow or outdated systems can kill a company’s efficiency and ultimate can chip away at your bottom line. At the same time, not every employee needs to have cutting edge technology or hardware powering his or her computer. The key is to striking a balance between power and...

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