Thin Clients and Why They Rock

by | Feb 14, 2017

Finding ways to cut costs is important for any business. Becoming a streamlined operation is a goal that will please a businesses’ clients and stakeholders. One way to drastically reduce costs is to “think thin.” By thinking thin, management will be able to allow remote access to servers, (even if employees are “on site”) freeing up the need for fixed office space. It’s a remote world and adopting a thin client system will allow your business to take advantage of the concept all while saving money.

Having a thin client system reduces the necessary amount of server hardware a business needs. A reduction of hardware also means there is less time spent fixing any on-site computer issues.

Those sound good, but there are also numerous other benefits to adapting a thin client system. Certainly there are cost savings when it comes to IT. A thin client system can also simplify management. All software and hardware upgraded can be conducted in the main data center rather than each workstation. That saves a lot of time and money, especially since these upgrades can be done in off-peak hours, which means there is little or no interruption of daily business.

“This type of system essentially eliminates a lot of costs for a business.”

Zachary Ellis

But one cost you may not have considered is how the use of a thin client system can enhance your company’s security. Thin client systems protect a company from the use of unauthorized software or the introduction of viruses. With everything centralized, data integrity is enhanced. The thin client system can also ensure data privacy and protect intellectual property – something that is becoming more necessary in the evolving technological landscape of business.

“This type of system essentially eliminates a lot of costs for a business. Imagine an employee needs a new computer, but instead of paying hundreds of dollars on a new machine, you could spend as little as the price of a RAM upgrade to get them working again,” ITonDemand’s Zachary Ellis said.

A thin client system sounds pretty good and it’s something that ITonDemand can help you set up in a timely manner – although setting up a thin client system for an established company can be time consuming. Ellis said that takes experts to configure everything properly, the kind of expertise that can be found at ITonDemand.

“Doing it your self could mean data loss, or possible security risks. Allowing experts like ITonDemand to do this eliminates that risk,” Ellis said.

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