Technology to Serve

United Way of Marion County remains focused on their mission.


Technology to Serve

The United Way of Marion County works to improve the lives of those in their community. They need technology to accomplish their mission.

Daily use requires regular maintenance. Wireless accessibility and access to their donor database are necessary for the United Way to thrive. Without their devices and networks functioning properly and at an optimum level, their staff is held back from accomplishing all that they are capable of.


ITonDemand Core

eResources’ ITonDemand Core provides the necessary service to keep The United Way of Marion County operating at maximum efficiency.

Without any man power on behalf of United Way, they are able to focus on serving their community and trust that their office is connected.

About United Way of Marion County

United Way of Marion County works to create a thriving community where adults and children achieve their full potential with access to a solid education, good health, safe neighborhoods and jobs that pay a living wage.

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“We are doing our job and

we’re not having to think about

the technology behind it…


Scot Quintel 

President, United Way of Marion County

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