Andgar Corporation

Ferndale WA Bridge

Located in Ferndale, WA, Andgar has been doing business since 1935.  As a company that has adapted to the changing landscapes and needs of their community and employees, Andgar saw the need to begin to update their IT infrastructure.  While they had staff available to help, they knew that it would take an IT expert to get the job done.

I just want it to work.  I just want to get my computer turned on and to connect to the internet and do my job.

– Aaron Smith,
Andgar Corporation

The Problem

Andgar has a distributed staff that relies heavily on consistent and reliable communication tools.  This includes the ability to store files online in  a secure environment.  Technology was necessary but had moved from being helpful to being a burden on staff.

Andgar was seeking ands-off approach to the more “techy” side of IT services.  They began looking to find a partner that would come in and apply their expertise with communication services.  One of the frustrations leading up to their partnership with ITonDemand was wading through the technical jargon that often accompanies it.

Another key area Andgar hoped to address was their need to come into software licensing compliance.  Unbeknownst to them some software licenses were not being updated and critical security updates were not being implemented.

The ITonDemand Solution

ITonDemand began to evaluate the Andgar situation.  Despite having a physical location over 3000 miles away, ITonDemand sent a team of service providers to the Ferndale, WA location to do on-site interviews and to evaluate the grounds.  They used their valued training to create a plan for new hardware installations that would connect the multiple buildings on site.  ITonDemand also set up their vendor management services, which has allowed Andgar to hand off all hardware and licensing needs.  No longer does Andgar need to worry about critical updates or older software.

This means Andgar staff can rest easy knowing they are protected, connected and updated.  It also means they stay focused on doing what they do best, providing quality construction services in the Pacific Northwest.


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December 14, 2017