Why Communication Is Key to Good IT

by | Mar 8, 2023

Communication is a two-way street involved in every aspect of our lives. Whether meeting with a new business client or getting help picking out the right laptop, how you interact with others can influence the process, time, and results. Information Technology (IT) is no exception. All businesses want good IT but don’t always know how to use their services best. Communication is a key part of that.

Poor Communication Can Be Costly

In a study examining the cost of poor communication, which surveyed over 100,00 employees across 400 companies, the average loss was $62.4 million annually. For smaller businesses with around 100 employees, that number still averaged $420,000 annually. Much of that expense results from factors like wasted time, missed messages, stress, misunderstandings, and inability to communicate vital information.

Why Communication Is Difficult for Businesses

Understanding core business functions and strategies are great, but high-level topics are not always easy to explain to people who don’t understand them. For an IT company, that means breaking down complex concepts into simple key points, so their partners understand what’s being done, why it’s essential, and how long it takes. Being overly detailed can have the opposite effect when including non-vital info or using too many unfamiliar terms.

On the business side, they best know their industry, current needs, long-term goals, and other factors. While IT companies often have experience across many areas, their expertise is still IT. Businesses must explain what they want from their technology so their IT provider can better serve them. That also means if something goes wrong, takes too long, or doesn’t have the intended result, getting good IT services means discussions should happen early.

Be Upfront About Saying What You Need  

When caught up in the busyness of a work week, it’s important to remember that people can’t read minds. That applies to IT companies and businesses alike. Assuming everyone already knows what to do because you personally know it can lead to situations where expected tasks aren’t getting done. It’s not due to a lack of engagement or work capability but rather a communication gap. While it can sometimes feel like stating the obvious, be upfront about your needs. It’s better to say something that people should already know than to leave them guessing part of the time. Things that are obvious to one person may not be so to another.

The Way You Communicate Matters

Some people prefer or are more responsive to different kinds of communication tools. Based on a 2022 study, 45% of adults prefer online tools such as email, 12% prefer face-to-face, and 6% prefer phone calls. It can be challenging to meet each preference, especially as 53% of people have missed messages due to communication issues. Finding the right approach is a joint effort between the business and the IT provider.

Other factors can also influence the productivity and success of a discussion. Getting frustrated with a difficult situation is a normal feeling. But, getting too angry can make it harder to solve problems as people are less responsive to someone visibly upset. Whether on the side of the business or the IT company, both sides must approach situations with patience and a can-do attitude.

Quality helpdesk agents should also be helpful and supportive no matter how simple the question or task is. That can ease the stress of the person requesting help. On the flip side, IT technicians who insult someone’s lack of knowledge can make people less likely to reach out for aid again. In the long-term, that can lead to more mistakes and expenses as some issues may not be reported quickly enough.

Build a Long-Term Relationship to Get Good IT Services

Good IT communication can help build a long-lasting relationship with your IT provider. It takes time to learn the ins and outs of a business, meaning the longer you use an MSP, the more productive they’ll be when helping. With time, it also provides better consistency as staff and helpdesk agents become more familiar with each other. While not every IT company will be the right fit, finding one you can trust long-term is valuable.

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