Growing problems call for growing solutions.

In mid-February, ITonDemand began to roll out a new solution to our client base to address spam and phishing email. This solution, called SpamTitan, is a response to additional security concerns facing IT infrastructures across the nation.  

91% of all cyber attacks originate in an email. This issue is front of mind for us and we are continuously working to provide the best solution in terms of both security and productivity.

As part of this, ITonDemand clients began to receive a new daily spam quarantine report in mid-February.  We thought we’d take the time to outline some of the changes in this new tool.

What does SpamTitan do to make it more secure?

SpamTitan has multiple “layers” in its security that a message must pass through, like a gauntlet if you will.

First, it will check to see if the recipient actually exists. Next, it will test the message against a series of community support algorithms and blacklists known as RBLs or Real Black Lists.

Next, a message will check to see if the sender has a valid sender policy framework. This check significantly reduces the amount of spoofing our clients will experience. After that, the message is filtered for content, banned attachments, viruses, and internal spam algorithms. A large number of these various layers can be customized and are support by eResources’ ITonDemand, allowing us to deliver a much more secure, yet flexible, product to our clients.

What impact will this have on our clients day to day?

None!  We want your email to continue to flow while keeping you protected.

How much less spam can our clients expect to see in their inbox?

There is no silver bullet to spam, ransomware, phishing, etc and anyone who claims they have it is lying. We do expect, with SpamTitan, to see a decrease in spam, particularly cases of spoofing and phishing. With SpamTitan’s layers our clients should see a noticeable difference in the frequency of fraudulent emails.

Are there new features with SpamTitan for users?

SpamTitan allows users to manage their own whitelists and blacklists. This means users have the ability for direct involvement in their own security.

The quarantine digests are much easier to comprehend and allow you to more effectively manage messages in your quarantine directly from the digest, making decisions on what to do with quarantined items significantly more efficient.

Moving Forward

Should you have any questions on the functionality or use of SpamTitan, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our IT experts.

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