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Every year brings changes and developments in technology. We, at ITonDemand, are continuously focused on providing the highest quality service and a comprehensive security solution. This means looking ahead proactively for how these developments impact our clients and their digital landscape.

There are two shifts occurring in information technology that we predict will broaden their impact in 2019.

  • Hybrid Cloud Approaches and;
  • Heightened Information Security

Hybrid Cloud Approaches

“Cloud is not for everything or everyone,” our Director of Partner Development, Steve Condit, writes. “The cloud has been the buzzword for almost a decade now. The idea was introduced to allow companies the ability to save on internal server infrastructure as they could host them in the cloud.”

Hackers have been encrypting data stored in cloud services.

MIT identified this as one of the 6 largest threats to worry about. 39% of businesses have faced a ransomware attack, the average payout = $2,500

The reality is a cloud-only strategy has proven to have drastic effects on user experience, as the cloud hosted services are still very dependent on the internet and can be susceptible to ransomware attacks.

Best practices use a hybrid cloud approach for service delivery. This utilizes the cloud for what it does best and retains local infrastructure for what it does best. This hybrid of local and cloud services provides improved security and accessibility.

Heightened Information Security

“Security is always a hot topic, but 2019 shows to increase in security remediation and prevention tactics,” Condit said. “More government and industry-specific compliances are expected to hit the market, which calls for a deeper look into every businesses approach to Information Security.”

2018 showed us the damage that data loss and breaches can bring to a business. Stemming from Facebook’s continuous data loss throughout 2018, public opinion has grown increasingly wary of data security. The largest US data breach of 2018 came from Marriott who lost 500 million records.

staff workingHow is ITonDemand changing in 2019?

With ITonDemand’s team focused approach to service delivery, we look to make great strides to deliver the best experience for our partners.

Advanced customer documentation and process driven strategy will prove to deliver a more consistent level of service across our entire team. This will improve both the productivity, security, and experience of our partners.

We look forward to the changes, challenges, and growth that come in 2019.

Curious about how we can make a more productive and secure 2019? Let’s get you in touch with one of our IT experts.

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