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“We are doing our job and we’re not having to think about the technology behind it…”

Scot Quintel

President, United Way Marion County

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Video Conferencing Vulnerability

Video Conferencing Vulnerability

Zoom Vulnerability A major security vulnerability was recently discovered that affects all Mac users who have used Zoom video conferencing. This vulnerability also affects RingCentral users, as RingCentral white labels their video conferencing with Zoom. This allows...

HR and IT; How to Hire and Fire

HR and IT; How to Hire and Fire

Imagine this An employee comes into work, goes to log-in at his workstation only to be alerted that his password is incorrect. His email isn’t coming through on his phone. He walks to his boss’s office to notify him of the issue.  He was going to be let go. Except the...

Phishing Emails Disguised as Office365 File Deletion Emails

Phishing Emails Disguised as Office365 File Deletion Emails

Threat Level: High A recently-discovered phishing scam pretending to be from the "Office 365 Team" is trying to trick users into their log-in credentials. The alert notifies the user of an unusual volume of file deletions and urges users to review the activity. When...

ITonDemand was created over a decade ago to help support businesses and organizations IT services.  We kept hearing from businesses, like yours, that they just wanted their IT to work. And that is what we do.  We make your IT work for you.

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