Securely Access and Share Your Files Across Your Team, Across the World.

Increase Your Productivity with FileAccess+ 

Get your team on the same page with enterprise-grade file sharing.


Synchronize or completely migrate your file server to the cloud for always-on productivity.

Two-Factor Authentication

FileAccess+ provides users with optional two-factor authentication to ensure authorization privileges.

Secure Collaboration

Remove the risk associated with a local network. FileAccess+ provides secure cloud storage for real-time collaboration.

Data Restoration

In the event of a ransomware attack, FileAccess+ provides an immediate rollback to secure your documents and environment without any downtime.

Access Controls

FileAccess+ makes working with 3rd party vendors simple. Access controls allow you to control the files and folders that are shared, how they’re shared, with who, and how they can use the shared content.

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