Education Support

Information Technology Leadership and Expertise for Your School District

Preparing Education for Tomorrow

Education Support equips school districts of all sizes with the technology needs and expertise to grow into the future.

OnDemand Support Escalation

With Support Escalation, your faculty have access to expertise beyond your staff. This ensures that issues are resolved quickly and professionally regardless of the level of difficulty.

Technology Budgeting and Refresh Planning

ITonDemand provides budgeting and forecasting for IT investments. This way you are never blind-sided by unexpected expenditures and can anticipate your technology growth.

Microsoft Office 365 for Education

We partner with Microsoft to bring you the Office365 suite of applications. ITonDemand approves and manages updates to make sure there is never a lapse.

Dedicated IT Director

You are partnered with one of our experts that make sure your every need is met. We meet with your administrators and act as on-site expertise.

IT Co-Management

ITonDemand works with and supports your existing support personnel to properly manage your network and devices.

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 Lynden Public School District

Every organization thrives when they are prepared for what’s to come. The same can be said for Public School Districts.

Lynden Public School District is a 3,800 student district in Northern Washington State. They had internal IT technicians but lacked the expertise, vision, or budget planning to predictably allocate resources.

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