New User Request

Please use this page to request a new user account for your organization.  ITonDemand will create the necessary account and inform you when once the task is completed.  If you have any questions regarding this form, please do not hesitate to contact us through the original ticket. Thank you for your assistance.

New User Request Form

  • This is the ticket number for your original new user request.
  • Please put the start date for the employee.
  • This username will be used for logging onto your systems, including their computer, email, and other organizational systems.
  • At times, some individuals would like to have an alternate email address that is different from their normal username. If you would like this user to have a different email address, for example, instead of, please indicate that here. Otherwise, we will use the username above as the email address for the user.
  • If you have any distribution groups, such as "Staff" or other groups that this user should be a part of, please list them here.
  • Please list all the shared network drives to which this user needs access. For example "z:" drive, or "Accounting Drive", or Folders and Groups they need access to any other file sharing solution such as Dropbox.
  • Which printers does this user need access to?
  • Are there any special software or hardware requirements this user has? For example, special accounting software, Adobe Standard, or other software access.
  • Please describe the computer needs based on the previous question answer.
  • Please supply any additional needs associated with this employee that may not be included in the questions above.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.