Infrastructure Standards


As of the date of this proposal, the outline below details the standard services, applications and hardware that are included and supported by eResources’ ITonDemand service offering.

1.    Network

a.    Cabling – Cat 5e or Cat 6
b.    Switching – Managed Gigabit Switching with POE Capability
c.    Wireless – Business Grade Secure Managed Wireless Solution.
d.    Perimeter Routing – Enterprise Grade Firewall and Routing Hardware and Software Solution

2.    Server Applications

a.    Email Hosting – Exchange (Internal or Hosted)
b.    Antispam – Proprietary
c.    Security – Managed Antivirus, file access auditing and encryption. This includes Public Key Infrastructure for internal access to data resources. Secure remote access to enterprise via SSL VPN technology, includes Mac, PC, and Mobile access.
d.    File Sharing – Server infrastructure will provide internal storage for file sharing capability, to include the ability to share files externally in a secure manner.  For distributed clients, eResources will provide secure file sharing capability through it’s partner solutions.

3.    Employee Systems

a.    Laptops – Standard: 14” Business grade, Windows Pro OS 64 Bit, 8 GB Ram, i3 Proc or higher, 500 GB HD; Ultra Mobile: 13.3” or smaller Business Grade, Windows Pro OS 64 Bit, 8 GB Ram, i5 Proc or higher, 256 GB Solid State HD. Additional accessories, such as port replicators, external monitors, laptop bags, and add-on accessories can be purchased separately.
b.    Desktops – Standard: Business grade, 20” monitor, Windows Pro OS 64 Bit, 8 GB Ram, i5 Proc or higher, 1 TB HD; Professional: Business Grade, Windows Pro OS 64 Bit, 16 GB Ram, dual monitor 20”, i5 Proc or higher, 500+ GB Solid State HD. Additional accessories, for example desktop printer, wireless keyboard mouse can be purchased separately.
c.    Tablets – Windows Tablet, iPad (Purchased Separately per employee)
d.    Mobile Phones – All cell and mobile phone acquisition is the responsibility of your organization, all support, including email configuration, provided by eResources
e.    Software
i.    Antivirus – Provided By eResources
ii.    AntiSpyware – Provided By eResources
iii.    PDF Editing – Foxit Phantom Business
iv.    Productivity – Microsoft Office 2013

4.    Standard Support Applications – These are applications that we support as part of our standard infrastructure support.  Any application outside this list will require a valid manufacturer support agreement and eResources must be named as a technical contact on such support agreement.

a.    Workstation

i.    Microsoft Office 2007/2010/2013/2016, Mac Suite
ii.   PDF Reader/Editor Software (Foxit Software Provided for HaaS Clients)
iii.  Flash Player
iv.  Shockwave Player
v.   Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari/Chrome
vi.  Windows 7 /8/10
vii. Macintosh OSX

b.    Server

i.    Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016
ii.   Active Directory 2008/2012/2016 Domain Services
iii.  Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012/2014
iv.  Internet Information Services