Connecting the Ocala Community

How the Ocala CEP keeps Marion County thriving.


Seizing Opportunity

As the CEP began to expand their work throughout the community it was imperative to align themselves with a local “partner” to assist with their technology needs. To do this they sided with ITonDemand, in Ocala, to help fill gaps in their technology. By relying on a trusted and local partner, they could start to utilize new technologies to stay connected with their community of businesses. What’s even better is that ITonDemand was already one of those community businesses.


Strategic Partnership

Like the CEP, ITonDemand wants to see Marion County businesses to grow and prosper.

In accordance with the CEP’s mission “to be the catalyst for a prosperous community,” our partnership means we get to help push that mission forward, too.

ITonDemand now provides a suite of services to the CEP that has helped them stay focused on what they do best. Everything from tech support to internet security is handled by the ITonDemand team, leaving CEO, Kevin Sheilley and his team with the tools to be more responsive and more productive.

About Ocala CEP

The Ocala/Marion County Chamber & Economic Partnership is committed to Ocala and Marion County.  Through their work, the CEP seeks to provide support for local-area business, expand opportunities for job growth, and spread the message of community activities.

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“ITonDemand is

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for our IT needs.”

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