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A Complete Guide to HIPAA Compliance

In this guide, we delve into the complex world of HIPAA compliance. We’ll explore why HIPAA is not just a strict set of healthcare regulations but a key part of building trust, improving patient care, and developing secure health technologies. The goal of these regulations isn’t to punish mistakes but to promote a better healthcare system. Whether you’re a provider,...

How HIPAA Compliance Affects Small Business Doctors’ Offices

For most small business doctors' offices, it's easy to focus on patient care and forget how critical HIPAA compliance is. The recent sentencing of the ex-CEO of Psychotherapy Centre Vastaamo, which was breached in 2020, has shaken the European healthcare industry by showing the impact of compliance failure. The stolen data impacted tens of thousands of patients, with the...

How Predictive Analytics Will Improve Patient Care

In healthcare, meeting the needs of patients is an ongoing challenge. Doctors, nurses, IT staff, clerks, janitors, equipment providers, and more must work together to provide the best patient care possible. With technology being a core component, predictive analytics has been a fast-growing industry. Due to its broad uses, it’s expected to grow annually by over 20%...

A Guide to Managed IT for Healthcare, Medical & Dental

The healthcare industry has continually adapted to the patient, staff, and regulatory needs. Information technology (IT) has been a key component of healthcare globally to support those demands. It’s allowed medical and dental practices to modernize their workflow and improve patient engagement, allowing for a higher quality of care. As part of those changes, there’s...

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