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Top 5 IT Security Problems for Businesses 

Companies that suffer a security breach usually have one of these IT security problems. Is your company guilty of any of them?1. Poor Backup StrategyA shocking number of businesses are not backing up their data properly. According to market research company Clutch, 60 percent of businesses who suffer a data loss shut down within six months. Not only should every business...

5 Best Security Practices to Keep Your Small Business Safe  

A post-Covid world has taught us the need to be flexible in where we work. Whether at home, on a business trip, or a quick stop to check email in your favorite coffee shop using the public internet, working safely while remote may become the norm for employees everywhere. So, the best security practices should always be top-of-mind.  The work from anywhere environment...

Why 2-Factor Authentication is Important for Nonprofits

Photo obtained from SturdyClerk You hear about hacks and security risks compromising data all the time. The news covers major organizations with mass data leaks containing your personal user information being sold on the dark web. Office systems getting infected with ransomware software, locking down all users within an entire organization until payment is made....

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Managed IT Services

As technology has increasingly become a must-have, organizations are rapidly moving to managed IT services. The benefits of outsourced IT are becoming a more viable option for businesses around the nation.Every business must choose their approach to manage their organization’s technology needs. Some companies choose to hire in-house staff, while others decide to...

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