5 Reasons to Centralize Your Tech Stack

by | May 10, 2021

After working with several businesses, we always notice a trend: a lack of centralized tools. 

Most businesses have applications like Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, etc.— all these tools are great on their own, but you end up having to track tons of licenses. This makes your tools way harder than they need to be (and more expensive). 

So, here’s 5 benefits of centralizing your tech stack into a single suite: 

1. Reduces Redundancy

What if: instead of hopping from app to app, you could just have all your tools and documents in one place? You end up allowing yourself more time for task management by consolidating your workflow into one system. This helps you manage files easier for you and your team. 

Microsoft 365 has risen in popularity due to its comprehensive toolkit for teams. You get messaging, video calls, document collaboration, and more with it. Teams across the world are progressively making the switch to a centralized stack instead of spending so much on multiple licenses. 

2. Information Sharing

Collaboration is key. Especially in today’s remote work environment. 

We all know the feeling- you consistently reach out to team members to edit a document. Once they share it with you, you make edits and send it back. This slows down your workflow and it becomes an outdated way of collaboration 

A central tech stack gives you the ability to work on projects or tasks due and make live edits (such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs). Rather than storing data on someone’s computer or in a silo, use tools that enable your team to work at maximum efficiency.  

3. Eliminates Downtime

Lost a device? Did your computer get hacked? Whatever the case be, losing your data slows down your business and puts you at risk.  

When you centralize your tech stack, you never worry about losing your data since it’s stored in the cloud. The Microsoft Suite lets you store all your documents and tools on a protected cloud-based software. 

Someone loses their device? No problem—it’s all on the cloud. 

4. Standardizes Your Internal Operations

More efficient and standardized processes should always be a goal for your business. When all of your applications are in a central stack, you decrease guesswork and increase productivity. 

The more simple the better. 

5. Reduces Your Costs

Tools like Microsoft 365 and the Google Suite make it easy for you to have a plethora of tools (documents, video calling, chats) without paying for tons of licenses. 

More productivity means you can take on more projects. 

Better efficiency means paying less for more. 

All your expenses are condensed and cost-effective. 

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