Why Working at ITonDemand will jumpstart your career – Interview with Career Source

by | Oct 15, 2018

Over the summer, ITonDemand was featured in an interview spot with Career Source’s Laura Burns on 96.3 The Source with Larry and Robin. We were able to discuss the in’s and out’s of our work at ITonDemand and what we look for in team members.  If you have ever thought about working at or with an IT company, this interview will give you insight on what it would be like and what is expected on the job. The answer might surprise you.

What does ITonDemand Sell?

We sell easy technology for businesses. Businesses want to focus on what they do. Whether they sell a certain product, insurance, or another service, they don’t want to have to focus on their technology. Partnering with us means getting to focus all of your energy on your own business’s goals and objectives.

Is It Unusual for Businesses To Need Guidance When It Comes to Technology?

Absolutely not. When you become our client, or as we say, “our partners”, it means you now have a liaison in the tech industry. We give you guidance on understanding your business and showing you how to build technology around your business’s unique needs.

“When you drive your car, you don’t need to know how to fix it to drive it. You bring it to a mechanic.”

Do You Focus On Your Client’s Main Goal and Build Their Site Around That?

Yes, absolutely. Our process is to identify our client’s wants and needs and leverage technology to see their mission through. From the beginning, it is all about making their business work smarter.

What Does the Role, Director of Partner Development Entail?

It means making sure that we meld with our client’s company and not the other way around. As it goes with developing any business relationship, you have to start by understanding them as a business.

“We are in the business of giving businesses the best user experience possible.”

Then begin to grasp their workflow with technology and how they interface. Then we can learn how to guide them through their technology needs. Every business is different and every user within an organization is too. We strive to make sure that every user gets the most of technology to do their job well.

Being Partnered With Careersource Means You Must Be Looking for New Employees?

Yes, we are always looking for good team members to join our growing company. We have had a wonderful experience working with Career Source and would recommend their services to any business in need of hard-working employees.

What Are You Looking For at ITonDemand?

Of course, technical experience that meets industry standards is a must but we find certain soft skills to be even more important in our line of work. We value communication skills, or better yet, translation skills in our team members because not everyone is fluent in “tech-anese”. Being able to explain issues or processes in layman’s terms gets team members focused on the end user’s experience, not their own.

What Are You Looking For at ITondemand?

As of right now, there are four jobs listed but as stated before, we are always looking and accepting resumes from those that are interested. The review process can be tough and that is in part why we use Career Source. Not every business can have a fully staffed and dedicated human resources department and Career Source steps in and provides a much-needed resource to local businesses.

Likewise, not every small business has the luxury of having a full IT department on hand. That is where ITonDemand comes in.

Watch the full interview below. 

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